Our electric touch lamp burners are of the highest quality and give off a fantastic scent throw while creating a nice ambient light source for your room. They can be used with wax melts, squeezy wax and fragranced rocks. They have 3 light settings to suit your mood. Each of our burners comes with 4 wax melt bars of your choice so you can enjoy many hours of fragrance.


Directions for use: Pop Half to 1 cube (depending on the size of your dish), a teaspoon of fragranced rocks or a generous squeeze of squeezy wax into your dish, turn on your burner and enjoy!


Please note all sale burners come with 1 bar of wax instead of the usual 4 bars.


**Place your burner out of the reach of children and pets. Never move a burner or dish while the wax is still liquified.

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